Learn How To Make More Money With Brisbane Family Lawyers.

We’re here to listen!is a boutique Brisbane law firm that offers professional and competitively priced services entirely in the sphere of family law. We consider all available options to sort out things for you’ve got any queries with any of these subjects, or want to speak with one of our seasoned household laws solicitors, feel free to email family@ or telephone us on 1300 HATZIS (1300 428 947) and we will be more than happy to answer some of your questions.

With over five years’ experience as a Paralegal in the region of family law, Jess brings with her a caring and personable approach to encouraging and working with clients, hoping to relieve their anxiety and helping them through what could be a difficult time during their lifetimes. Our experienced family attorneys are devoted to providing quality solutions and will discuss the options available to suit your requirements.

De facto property rights are taken care of in precisely the court and under exactly the legislation as married couples. Cudmore Legal strongly believes in children and will refuse to behave for parents who educate us to alienate children from the other parent for no reason. We have helped tens of thousands of Australians. Your time is valuable – so we want to be sure we have done our homework.

Property settlements – including people with corporate entities trusts and family companies and advising people. Simone has a wealth of experience in Court Advocacy and provides customers Brisbane Family Lawyers with a transparent anticipation of their outcomes. He approaches all cases with a focus on settling where possible and has achieved great success.

In Cudmore Legal, maintain your matter and we’ll work with you to reach the best price possible in the situation. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the best advice to our customers and help in a timely and cost efficient method. What this indicates is that your partner offers assistance – either as a lump sum or as ongoing payments – .

Lynn has over 10 years’ experience in practising family law and has an exceptional understanding in all area of the specialisation although with domestic violence cases, and a specific interest in child safety issues. Our Family Attorneys are experienced in all areas of divorce and separation, both property and parenting matters and we take the opportunity to understand your situation to reach the best results for you.

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